My Keto Experiment – Week 1

I started my Keto experiment on New Year’s Day which was also still a day of holiday celebrations.  As with any new eating plan, day one is typically easy and mine was made even easier with the allowance of champagne.  Yum!  However, as I prepared to start my short week of work I felt very ill-equipped to maintain a keto diet that would have variety and be balanced and nutritious.  I rarely eat meat and try to not overdue my intake of dairy or soy so… eggs and avocado?!

Luckily with the holiday this was a short work week, but I did discover Mug Cakes (see my savory mug cake recipe below) that were quick and easy to make in the mornings.  Overall, I didn’t feel hungry or exhausted (which I was worried about with the large drop in carbs).  Hoping week two is another success!

Day Carbs(%) Fat(%) Protein(%) Weight Change
(total from day 1)
1 12% 57% 31% N/A
2 22% 58% 20% N/A
3 10% 62% 27% -0.2
4 22% 49% 28% -1.6
5 15% 69% 16% -1.8
6 12% 68% 19% -2.0
7 13% 67% 20% -1.8


Pesto Mug Cake

1 T butter from pasture-fed cows
2 T pesto
2 T almond flour
1/2 t baking soda
1 egg

Mix all the ingredients in a mug (I melt the butter by itself a little bit first) then microwave on high for 90 seconds. Done!

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